Compassion-focussed Therapy (CFT)

Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) aims to help promote mental and emotional healing by encouraging people in treatment to be compassionate toward themselves and other people.

Most of us by virtue are able to display high levels of kindness towards others for their failings. By contrast, many of us can struggle being compassionate with ourselves and instead we follow a well trodden path of believing we should be better than we are. Additionally, we can be extremely critical of ourselves when we fall below our own expectations.

Developing greater levels of compassion, both toward the self and toward others, is believed by many to be an essential aspect of well-being. Its development can have the benefit of improved mental and emotional health.

We offer CFT in our practice to help and support individuals in treatment who wish to explore ways to relate to themselves and others with greater compassion.

Developed in the early 21st century by Paul Gilbert, the CFT approach incorporates theories, principles, and techniques from various schools of psychology and treatment modalities

Some main components of the approach are aspects of:

  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy
  • Jungian Therapy
  • Developmental psychology

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