Coaching is a process that aims to improve personal performance and effectiveness in the areas of life, work, home and relationships.

Coaching is useful to help you think about what is important to you in your life and take action towards achieving this. It helps you identify what internal resources you might need to draw upon to help you move in your chosen direction.

Coaching takes a solution focused approach and we will work with you to help you identify what strengths you already have and how to build upon these. A coach will not look to share their experience, give advice or offer solutions. We look to use our training to help our clients come to realisations about themselves and to embrace their own inner power and capability.

The ‘Inner Game’

A large part the coaching work we do is in helping people understand their “inner game”. This approach comes from the work of Timothy Gallwey and his insights into what he called the ‘inner game’.

Gallwey’s book, The Inner Game of Tennis, revolutionised thinking about coaching. He suggested that the biggest obstacles to success and achieving potential were internal, not external.

Interestingly, he recognised that performance, in this case tennis, can be affected by critical overthinking and fear of the worst case scenario. What is even more interesting is that this often goes unnoticed by the individual and operates at a relatively subconscious level. Of course for the most part our brain is trying to help us avoid failure or harm but in so doing it can interrupt our “natural instincts” towards pursuing what is important to us.

The essential part of coaching, then, is to help people to learn to recognise that inner voice and still pursue what is important. Sometimes that means distracting it, and sometimes it’s about exploring the ‘worst case scenario’ and removing the fear.

Gallwey’s real insight was that this didn’t just apply to tennis, but that individuals generally did have the answers to their own problems within themselves.

Our coaching is integrative and draws on positivist models of human function. We base our coaching on a facilitative approach which helps our clients move towards valued goals.

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